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10 Real Estate Direct Mail Case Studies (That Worked!)

Looking for new ways to use direct mail in your real estate investing business?

In this guide, we’re going to break down 10 different real estate direct mail case studies so you can see how other investors are getting creative and using this strategy to consistently drive more deals.

In 2024, direct mail is still one of the most effective forms of advertising for investors.

And by the time you’re done reading, you’ll have 10 different strategies you can use based on case studies from investors just like you.

Before we get into the case studies, though, it’s worth taking a look at just how effective real estate direct mail marketing really can be…

Real Estate Direct Mail Statistics

As digital advertising has gotten more and more popular, with platforms like Facebook and SMS marketing taking stage front and center, many investors have simply set aside direct mail marketing.

While digital strategies may be more popular right now, the facts show that direct mail hasn’t lost its flair.

In fact, it’s gotten even less competitive as more and more investors migrate over to digital advertising techniques and strategies.

So if you’re looking to develop a competitive edge or want to understand just how effective direct mail can be, even in 2024, check out these statistics:

  • 42% of recipients read or scan the mail they receive.
  • Average direct mail response rates are around 4.4%.
  • A targeted mailing can receive a response rate of up to 9%.
  • 73% of consumers prefer direct mail marketing.
  • 76% of consumers trust direct mail when making a decision.
  • The average ROI for direct mail is 29%.
  • 70% of Americans believe direct mail is more personal than the internet.

And if you’re looking for even more proof, check out our guide on direct mail stats for real estate investors.

Real Estate Direct Mail Case Studies

Now it’s onto the good stuff.

Real life, proven direct mail strategies that have been used by investors just like you to consistently drive new deals into their business.

Each of the direct mail case studies below features their story and a link where you can dive deeper.

Some are focused on single family residences, others on multifamily. The one thing they all have in common, though, is that they started with the right direct mail strategy and then stayed consistent.

The end result was brand new deals.

Take a look:

Case Study #1 – Mom Of 2 Kids, Full Time Job, First Deal = $82,000

This story is interesting because Pam Tapia took what most people consider as reasons they can’t find success in real estate and turned them into her biggest advantage.

As a mom of 2 kids with a full time job, she started building her website and her brand and then began mailing in October.

Once leads started coming in, she started working them.

Then, just a few short months later, she landed her first deal in December.

This case study is a perfect example of what happens when you’re determined to find real success and put all your excuses behind you — then turn on your direct mail campaign using a proven strategy.

Click Here To See The In-Depth Case Study.

Case Study #2 – Using Niche Lists vs Absentee Lists

The debate rages on — using niche lists versus using absentee lists.

With Evan Ragsdale of LoveWell Properties, he set out to test the debate for himself to see which one produced better results.

He wanted to know if stacking his data and using a niche list provided a lower cost per acquisition than he could get with an absentee owner list.

What he found out is that small, niche lists simply aren’t enough to drive real volume in his business.

That’s when he decided to put his own spin on absentee owner lists and realized he was onto something.

Click Here To See His Spin (And His Results).

Case Study #3 – 3 Off-Market Deals From A Small-Ish List

On the same token, you don’t need a massive list to drive new, profitable deals into your business.

As Collin Coy from Sell Today Light learned, you can uncover some great deals by starting with the right type of list and keeping it small & focused.

He’s also proven that you don’t need to make the highest offer possible just to get the deal.

With a small-ish list of only 3,200 (highly targeted) people, he was able to uncover 3 great deals by taking a different approach than most investors.

And 2 of those deals came from his very first mailing.

To See How He Did It, Click Here.

Case Study #4 – Wholesaling A Deal 5 Minutes After The Ink Dries

Ansar Hosein’s case study starts with pulling a list of people we told him to target based on our own data.

He got started wholesaing back in January of 2023 and by June of 2023 he already had one closed deal and had 2 more in the pipeline.

It was that first deal, though, that helped him prove to himself that not only did direct mail work — but that wholesaling was going to become his future.

After getting a new lead, Ansar didn’t bother haggling with the seller when they initially said “no” to his low offer.

Rather than get discouraged, he accepted the offer they made and then jumped on social media to track down a buyer.

Within 5 minutes, he had exactly what he was looking for and the deal was done.

If You Want To Learn How He Did It, Click Here.

Case Study #5 – Uncovering The Seller’s True Motivation

Isaiah Freeman at Sunflower Fields Real Estate got started wholesaling and flipping back in 2016.

To help initially build his capital, he started out using direct mail to find reverse wholesaling deals. One of his first deals ever taught him a hugely valuable lesson that every investor can learn from.

In the beginning, Isaiah was using direct mail to market to probate leads and got connected with a seller who had inherited a property.

By staying sensitive to their situation (instead of acting like an aggressive profit-hungry shark), the seller resonated with him and chose him over other investors in the area.

And by taking this approach, he was able to bring in 3 great deals with only 3,000 mailers.

To Hear His Approach (In His Own Words) Click Here.

Case Study #6 – Doing 2 Deals Every 6 Weeks

What we didn’t mention above, is that Anser Hosein actually got started in real estate investing back in 2020, just as the pandemic was taking hold.

Because of the circumstances, he didn’t do his first real estate deal until 2020. This deal revolved around him diving into the deep end and attempting a fix and flip.

While he did get the deal done, it took him more than 7 months between securing the deal, rehabbing it and then finding a buyer.

When you fast forward to 2023 where he started wholesaling, he shifted from doing 1 deal in 3 years to doing 2 deals every 6 weeks.

To make it happen, he’s using one a list that the most savvy investors regularly tap for new deals.

To See The List & Strategy He Used, Click Here.

Case Study #7 – Using Rapport + Direct Mail To Close Deals

Andrew Gardner of Leap Properties got his start in Houston, Texas and within his first year he closed 15 deals and put another 12 under contract.

That’s the type of success most investors are hungry for but can’t understand how to make happen.

For Andrew, though, his focus has shifted into scaling the business and hiring an acquisition manager because of the direct mail approach he takes.

And when you see how he’s doing it, you’ll start to realize it’s possible for you, too.

In this case study, he pulls back the curtain on how many mailers he’s sending and which postcards he uses to lock up this many deals — even when those deals have multiple offers from other investors.

To See How He’s Doing It, Click Here.

Case Study #8 – Driving 2x To 3x The Deals With The Same Strategy

Javier Batlle from Sell To Pivot is another upcoming investor who got his start in Texas and immediately opened the floodgates in his business.

Like other case studies on this list, Javier focuses specifically on direct mail to market to sellers and lock up deals.

And based on his initial success, he’s looking to 2x to 3x his monthly deal flow just by scaling up the strategy he started with.

What he’s doing is something that a lot of investors are afraid of approaching — out-of-state mailings.

When you check out his case study, you’ll get to see exactly how he’s doing it, his personal selling technique, and how he’s able to secure deals even when other investors are making offers on them.

Click Here To See The In-Depth Case Study.

Case Study #9 – $37,000 Net From An “Unmotivated Seller” Deal

While everyone is chasing the “motivated seller”, Noah Gilliom takes a different approach.

Instead of trying to hunt for the elusive “motivated seller”, Noah knows that deals can be found especially where other investors aren’t looking.

While his primary focus is on flipping 10 to 12 properties a month and wholesaling the rest, one deal that came across his desk netted $37,000.

And the seller wasn’t what you would call “motivated”. It wasn’t a distressed home. And it wasn’t in serious dire need of being sold.

In other words, it’s the type of deal that would have most investors looking for greener pastures.

To See How It Turned Into $37,000 Profit, Click Here.

Case Study #10 – Using Direct Mail To BRRRR A 4-Plex

Jeremy Chartier from Tall Pine Properties owns some rentals inside of Milwaukee, WI, but primarily spends his time investing in New Hampshire.

Since getting started in 2022, he’s done 4 off-market deals and is looking to do 9 more this year, alone.

One of his recent direct mail campaigns helped him land a 4-Plex BRRRR deal that’s producing $2,300 in cash flow and an additional $45,000 net.

His case study proves something that many investors won’t do — staying consistent in their approach.

The deal we’re talking about here came in after his 10th mailing, showing that followup is critical.

Click Here To See How He Pulled This Deal.

If You Want More Real Estate Direct Mail Case Studies…

What we’ve touched here is just the tip of the iceberg.

If you’re looking for even more real estate direct mail case studies, we have plenty.

You can click here to read even more case studies from people using direct mail to land highly profitable real estate deals, the strategies they used, and even the mailers they sent.

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